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to shave off the last unnecessary production cents, building it with European precision and staying cool when things go into last-minute mode.

Iskratel's EMS services

Iskratel Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) have been provided to millions of end-users of telecommunications equipment, industrial electronic, measurement equipment, automation systems, automotive electronics, household appliances and entertainment electronics with rapid service delivery and excellent value for money.

Our focus

Iskratel's EMS is a unique European one-stop-shop for all of your electronic equipment and mechanical accessories needs. Our special focus is to follow customer-specific requirements, products’ life cycles, as well as environmental laws and recommendations. With EMS, Iskratel covers everything you may need from design, engineering, manufacturing, product implementation, life-cycle management, supply-chain management, electronic and cable assembly, systems integration, distribution and after-sales support for electronic equipment.

Electronic Manufacturing Services


  • 70 years of experience; out of this 20 years was in Joint Venture with Seimens.
  • Possibility of choosing from PCB, Backplane, or Cable, assembly up to the final integration process (Black box).
  • Short time to market and extended product life-cycle Management.
  • High responsiveness to last-minute design changes.
  • SAP-managed production, planning, and delivery process.
  • Trustable Change Mngt. and NPI processes.
  • 100% reliability test at board and system level.
  • State-of-the-art technology (equipment from the world's leading manufacturers is installed: Siemens, Soltec, Rehm, ViT, Ersa, National Instruments, Kardex, etc.).
  • Strong European core engineering team and assembly.
  • Wide Net of Regional Partners for mechanics in the region with EU references.

Electronic Manufacturing Services

What we do

Engineering services
Enhancing your design for optimal manufacturing with DFC, DFM and DFT.
Manufacturing services
Electronic assembly including SMT, THT, coating and testing and programming. Services also include ICT in-circuit testing and boundary scan technology, as well as run-in, burn-in, climate, X-ray and mechanical stress tests.
We can deliver the product to your desired location or fully handle part of your global supply chain with industrial-grade revision trail. Managing Transport and administrative documentation.
After sales support
Helping you deal with warranty and other customer-related issues that need quick, precise and cost-effective resolution.

Electronic Manufacturing Services

Our customers

Iskratel EMS has global reach and includes a list of reputable manufacturers from Austria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Slovenia, Switzerland, UK, and the United States of America.

Electronic Manufacturing Services

Quality assurance

ISO 9001:2015 , cert. org. SIQ, QA and Interekoms
ISO 14001:2015, cert. org. SIQ
TL9000 Rev. 6.0, cert org. QA
ISO 27001:2013, cert org. SIQ and CIS
All certification bodies are part of the international network IQNet.
CE compliance:
LVL, EMC, RTTE, ROHS2 and WEEE directives
In accordance with:

Electronic Manufacturing Services


  • AHK (German-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce) and the
  • GZS (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia)
  • ARRS (Slovenian Research Agency)
  • QUEST/ TL 9000 (Quality Excellence for Suppliers of Telecom Equipment Forum)


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