Solution is based on the SI3000 IMS product, which brings IMS core & edge 3GPP Rel. 9 functionality and interfaces in a compact package for fast integration and short TTM. The Iskratel IMS solution, optimized to address a wider spectrum of different market demands and combined with best-of-breed products of partner companies, gives mobile, converged and fixed service providers the possibility of delivering multimedia services on a single multimedia control platform.

    The following facts have been considered in the Iskratel IMS solution

    • simplified complex network architecture with “all in one” compact concept
    • E2E pre-integrated open IMS solution with openAPIs
    • centralized management of complete E2E solution
    • proven and certified E2E solution, verified by institutes, certification bodies and technology partners
    • multimedia applications
      • integrated Telephony Application Service (iTAS)
      • VoLTE with enhanced Single Radio Voice Call Continuity (eSR-VCC)
      • RCS/RCSe

    A significant advantage of the Iskratel IMS solution is the possibility of a gradual transformation of the existing fixed and mobile network, with IMS-based PSTN/ISDN Emulation and M-AGCF mechanism, respectively. Such an approach enables carriers to smoothly adapt their strategy of migration towards IMS, up-to the market demands.


    The solution offers modern IMS-based applications such as:

    • iTAS
      The functionality of standard S-CSCF is extended with the functionality of telephony applications (TAS server), which offers the possibility to the carriers to provide these functionalities locally or from a dedicated application server via an ISC interface. The TAS provides all the 3GPP telephony functions (e.g. OIP, OIR, TIP, TIR, etc.) and additionally the features that are known from the NGN architecture (e.g. CLIP, CLIR, CW, CNIP, etc.), which improves the end-user experience – technology changes do not have a negative end-user effect.
    • VoLTE with enhanced SR-VCC
      Multimedia communication in LTE networks is enabled by the IMS Service Centralization and Continuity (SCC) concepts. Using a dedicated SCC application server (SCC AS) enables IMS voice sessions to be anchored and centrally controlled within the IMS domain while performing a seamless inter-technology handover with the support of an additional network-level mechanism known as enhanced Single Radio Voice Call Continuity (eSR-VCC). The Iskratel Single Radio Voice Call Continuity (SR-VCC) application enables smooth handover of an active IMS voice call between LTE and the well-known legacy 2G/3G circuit-switched network, without disturbance to the user.
    • RCS/RCSe
      Rich Communication Service enabled by the Iskratel IMS solution, introduces advanced rich multimedia services for customers in a hosted way. Presence information is together with Instant Messaging used for instant and discreet communication channel, which can be used for short, brief messaging or as powerful chat channel where two or more parties (group chat) can participate in a chat event. Extending these new communication channels with collaboration services like file transfer, instant audio and video conferencing represents a whole new user experience for efficient business and consumer communications.

    The Iskratel IMS solution, tailored around the carrier requirements and in parallel being inline with standardization specifications, while on the other hand coupled with a forward-looking view on how the solution should be positioned to rapidly address new use-cases and business models, offers an innovative step-by-step approach, i.e. from interworking with legacy, applying new multimedia applications, to green-field deployments.   

    Benefits for the carrier

    • OPEX and CAPEX reduction due to new modern network architecture
    • Compact (all in one) solution reduces the network complexity and shortens TTM
    • Only SW upgrade solution - reuse of existing equipment
    • Providing voice/multimedia application over the LTE network
    • Enhanced mobile coverage with smooth voice-call continuity
    • Flexible and custom-made implementations

    Benefits for the end user:

    • No need to change the existing mobile and desktop devices (GSM, POTS)
    • Consistent service experiences
    • Enhanced mobile experience with a smooth handover without an impact on the end user - no dropped calls
    • New rich communication services based on a single identity for multiple end-user devices
    • Minimization of impact on the existing network due to a clear step-by-step approach
    • Solution is easy to operate, maintain and troubleshoot due to centralized management
    • Deployment simplifications efficiently accelerate TTM for delivering IMS multimedia services over both mobile and fixed-line networks
    • Enabling multimedia voice service through centralization for any type of access network (fixed or mobile)
    • IMS-based solution for VoLTE/SR-VCC and RCS/RCSe
    • Certified and proven solution
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