24. 9. 2013

Iskratel completes successful integration of IBC/FMC solution within Kyivstar network

Kiev, Ukraine – September 17. Iskratel, a leading European solution provider for smooth transitions to future communication networks, today announced the successful integration of Iskratel’s IBC/FMC solution into the Kyivstar production network.

The Iskratel Business Communication solution with Fixed Mobile Convergence (IBC/FMC) is a perfect fit for future-oriented telecoms who offer next generation telecommunications services.  Iskratel’s IBC/FMC solution provides cost-effective converged rich communication services that are compliant with all regulatory requirements. IBC/FMC includes a softphone for nomadic users and is based on a future-proof platform.

Iskratel has completed the integration of IBC/FMC at Kyivstar, allowing the operator to immediately expand its service range and launch a new service — Virtual Mobile PBX. This service allows corporate customers to organize a virtual PBX for fixed and mobile phones.

Andrey Milinevskiy, Director B2B at Kyivstar said, “Based on the Iskratel solution we have been able to launch our new service for Kyivstar corporate customers — Virtual Mobile PBX. We believe that this service will be in high demand in businesses. It helps to increase the availability of sales departments, the efficiency of internal communications, and it optimizes investments in the telecom infrastructure of any business.”

“The decision to install IBC/FMC at tier one telecom Kyivstar shows that innovation is not limited to smaller and alternative providers. It also confirms Iskratel’s focus on convergent telecommunications solutions as a good strategic move”, said Iskratel’s CEO, Željko Puljić.

Increased competiveness in the field of telecommunications, coupled with the economic uncertainty that is resulting in ever decreasing ARPU, is a big challenge for telecoms. The introduction of new, unique, useful services helps to both retain existing and to win new customers, and also creates a competitive differentiation. Innovative services are under a lower pricing pressure, allowing for higher ARPU, but at the same time their deployment still needs to be carried out in a cost-effective manner.

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