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With more than 70 years of experience, Iskratel is the leading European ICT provider for the digital transformation of the telecommunications, transport, public safety and energy industries. With its own R&D and manufacturing centres, over 900 employees and global footprint in more than 50 countries, Iskratel combines experience and expertise with creativity and innovation.
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14. 2. 2018

Co-existence is key to a cost-effective next-gen PON migration, says Iskratel

Operators looking to unleash the full potential of next-generation PON technologies such as XGS-PON and NG-PON2 should wisely consider a period of co-existence between PON generations to ensure a gradual migration with minimum service disruption, Iskratel’s CTO said today.
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6. 2. 2018

Iskratel announces next-gen PON solutions for a cost-effective migration

Iskratel, the leading European provider of communications solutions for the digital transformation of telecommunications, today announced two new universal next-generation PON solutions – the 8-port multi-PON blade and the 16-port GPON blade – designed to enable a lucrative and controlled upgrade to next-generation networks, such as NG-PON2 and XGS-PON.
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13. 10. 2017

Slovenia becomes one of the pioneers in the EU with eCall

Iskratel has welcomed a hundred of public safety experts at the international expert consultation meeting Testfest, organized by ERTICO/ITS and ETSI, hosted by Sintesio Slovenia with the support of Iskratel. ERTICO strives for safe, smart, and clean mobility, which is becoming a part of everyday life for everyone in the world, regardless of their social, cultural, or geographical situation.
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12. 10. 2017

Rethink business models or face falling behind, Iskratel tells operators

Operators need to update their business models to offer services for new vertical industries through digital transformation to keep up with the pace of a rapidly evolving market, Iskratel’s CTO said today.
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9. 10. 2017

New Iskratel white paper highlights specific use cases for software-defined access

Operators can differentiate their services from over-the-top players’ offerings and create new revenue opportunities if they embrace virtualisation – but this must be done selectively and in the right scenarios. That is the key message of a new white paper published by Iskratel, the leading European infocommunications vendor and solutions provider, ahead of SDN NFV World Congress.
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13. 6. 2017

Iskratel unveils two new GPON products ahead of ANGA COM

Iskratel, the leading European infocommunications vendor and solutions provider, today announced the release of two GPON solutions – the Innbox G22 Optical Network Terminal (ONT) and new software which seamlessly delivers gigabit services over fibre using a traditional cable infrastructure.
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13. 6. 2017

Iskratel expands Partner Program with two new sign-ups

Iskratel, the leading European infocommunications vendor and solutions provider, today announced it has signed contracts with two broadband specialists, HFC Technics and Tantec Digital, as part of its Partner Program.
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13. 6. 2017

Iskratel tackles substandard in-home Wi-Fi in new white paper

The “bitter truth” about 802.11ac Wi-Fi – and what service providers can do to improve performance and coverage indoors – has been revealed by Iskratel in a white paper published today.
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21. 4. 2017

Iskratel celebrates 70 years of operation

The celebration of Iskratel’s 70th anniversary will host distinguished guests from 14 countries, including the Ambassadors Doku Gapurovich Zavgayev of the Russian Federation, Mykhailo F. Brodovych of Ukraine, and Oleg Ţulea of Moldova.
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4. 4. 2017

HFC Technics and Iskratel partner to deliver GPON and DOCSIS solution for smooth FTTH transition

HFC Technics and Iskratel, the leading European supplier with 70-years of experience in ICT and telecommunications, today announced they have entered into a new partnership to provide solutions for cable operators looking to deploy Fiber-to-the-Home networks and provide the bandwidth-hungry services being demanded by end-users.
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