Compact OLT - Iskratel

Superior SDN-enabled multi-service access

for all types of users, services, densities, deployment scenarios and business models.
SI3000 Lumia G16 is a compact 1U GPON OLT product optimised for smaller fibre-access deployments. It combines GPON and point-to-point fibre in the same box and delivers performance and scale optimised for heterogeneous residential and business access.

SI3000 Lumia G16 provides 16 GPON ports with a high split ratio to serve up to 2048 fibre subscribers. Simultaneously, six GE P2P users can be served from the same product.

In addition to CO deployment, SI3000 Lumia G16 inherently supports the deployment in street cabinets with internal control and a temperature-hardened design (up to +65 °C ambient).
  • Based on the latest state-of-the-art GPON chipset.
  • Exquisite bandwidth utilisation and high split ratio.
  • Network processor-based, SDN-enabled broadband platform.
  • Service- and app-awareness provides control, effective QoS management and policy enforcement.
  • Support for multi-provider deployment scenarios, including virtual unbundling and open access.
  • Easy management using service profiles, fast integration into operators’ OSS/BSS.


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