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We will carefully protect and handle personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (Uradni List Republike Slovenije, No. 94/07 - official consolidated text) and GDPR. The data will be used exclusively for the needs of Hackathon. Personal data will only be stored and used for as long as it is necessary to achieve the purpose of the Hackathon for which they were obtained (as defined in Terms and Conditions above). We will not use your personal information in any way without your consent, transmit or make it available to third parties or institutions, except in cases provided by law. Data will also never be used for purposes that are not in accordance with the law or for purposes that could harm you in any way.  The Organizer and the Facilitator take care of your personal information. With your explicit consent, we will use your personal information to communicate directly with you (for the purpose of informing about Organizers and Facilitators novelties, programs and activities). In the event that you agree, please mark the box below:

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